life after death

Humans are not eligible to take random examples by making the broken bones as an argument rejecting life after death. While the incidence of bone is the fourth process after ‘nutfah’ (semen), ‘alaqah’ (attached blood clot) and ‘mudghah’ (a piece of meat). Why do man carries the example of bone formation when there is another process prior to it?


The details through scientific evidence suggests that Allah S.W.T is the true creator of humanity. He responded by raising the bigger issue of the early human creation itself, without elaborating on the bones! Hence humans need to know that their creations are not from shattered bones, but from a drop of semen instead. Humans were found to have failed to explain the origin of their own.

The arguments and theories existed are contradictory to one another. Allah S.W.T explains to man that the earth, pairing, time and place, the circulation of planets and the horizons, maritime, DNA, forensic science, embryology and chemistry are the evidence presented by God to man as the true argument of the existing of life after death.Allah emphasizes that He is the only One who created the Earth and the universe. He claims that there will also be a new phases of life after death known as the Life of Hereafter.

He delivers this stand through his Messengger, The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The Noble Qur’aan is seen as the most important proof of evidence for all of the allegations made.The Noble Qur’aan challenges humans to conduct research towards the study of universe which is proclaimed to be the sole creation of Allah, as to be a solid evidence that they will be resurrected after death. Yasin is one of the Surah in the Qur’aan that attracts human to further engage in this research.There are list of facts in Surah Yasin that encourage human to do research through various verses known as ayat-ayat kauniyyah (scientific facts).

Ayat means a sign while ayat-ayat is its plural form. Whereas ‘kauniyyah’ which was originated from the verb ‘kawn’ means the creation.Therefore ayat-ayat kauniyyah refer to the signs of Allah’s creation.Allah presented His arguments through ayat-ayat kauniyyah because those people living in the previous prophets were mostly stuborn and did not believe the truth of life after death.